Hungary based creative team specializing in remarkable 3D websites.

Our goal is to showcase a totally new wave of websites, bringing in 3D and way more interactive product representation methods than before. 3D artists work on models, we integrate them and make your site remarkable. And memorable.


We’ve just started off, our portfolio works are under development right now. Read a few words about our work process until we publish them here:


The technology

Our products are conventional HTML/CSS/Js websites extended with the utilization of WebGL. WebGL is an open standard that allows us to embed interactive 3D models into regular websites. We implement these 3D model features with the Three.js library to create special, and hopefully immersive websites to elevate the online representation of our clients.

Support and fallbacks

This 3D technology is supported by all major browsers (source). The only exeption being Opera Mini. In case of such browser, that doesn’t support it – or in case that a user has manually disabled WebGL – we load the site the same way as usual and programmatically replace our 3D models with static images to maintain full functionality and experience. Nothing goes unhandled.

Mobile, tablet and desktop development

We design and implement all our products to be fully responsive by default. Model interactions (such as dragging, selecting, rotating, etc.) are all handled appropriately to be functional on touch devices just aswell as cursor devices. No exceptions.

Pagespeed and SEO

Pagespeed and browser performance is absolutely key. We use draco compression to make the 3D model files considerably smaller. Code minification and dead code elimination to lower the CSS/Js file sizes, and we split up the Js sources, only loading the ones that are relevant to the specific page we are looking at, instead of using global source files. This way we can have a really “economic” website build which results in faster loading times – thus better SEO scores – and also achieving smaller bandwidth usage, keeping more of your mobile data in your hands.

Content management and backend solutions

These designs and 3D models could be built and run on top of practically any backend or CMS.
Our primary and most requested choice of content management system is WordPress. With that a MySQL + PHP stack is the core of the system sitting on an Apache or Nginx webserver. WordPress provides a market leading #1 administration interface with all classic website management features. In this case, the frontend and the 3D models are added as a custom WordPress template (theme). If there’s demand for it, we can build custom plugins or admin extensions, too. Yet again this is only the most requested solution, we are able to implement the frontend functionality over any backend type or any CMS of your choice.

Privacy policy, and cookie management

Such aspects are handled with the help of our legal partners. We work with specialists who review our sites and assemble a proper privacy policy statement and cookie notice based on the nature and features of the subjected website, so that neither us nor you have to worry about legal issues at any time. If you have your own specialist/specialists we are also happy to hand it over to them, the goal is to get it done with precision.


We offer long, or short term support, it’s absolutely up to you and tailored to your needs. Long term support includes periodic checkup on the site, updating parts that need programmatic update, and handling a predefined amount of change requests, or answering any live questions at any time. Also predifined amount of consulting time. Bugfixes are always part of the game, and they are totally free of charge. We deal with them instantly. Because that’s how it’s supposed to be.


If you have a project, an idea or just any questions in general,
please feel free to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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